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1998 Land Rover 90 Defender TDI
(Featured on 4th May 2010)

Make: Land Rover
Model: 90 Defender TDI
Year: 1998
Registration: R818 VLD
Mileage: 26,000

Sellers original description:

Land Rover Defender TDi with genuine 26,000 miles

Is this the lowest mileage Land Rover Defender TDi on the road? (I'll probably find out now!) It really does have 26K and is in superb original condition. If you want a TDi this is as good as it gets. It has been looked after all its life and has never left the tarmac. Although it has a Tow-hitch it has never pulled anything heavier than my camping trailer! This van has spent nearly all of its twelve years in a temperature controlled London basement garage. It has a full landrover service history. It has been serviced every year of its life - it was serviced at 1,000, 3,000, 6,000, 9,000, 15,000, 18,000 and 21,000 miles!!!!! All these services were done at Land Rover specialist garages, the first 6 were done at HR OWEN where it was originally purchased. Its first owner was HR OWEN, it was a demonstrator for the first 2,800 miles of its life. The result is it came with a few optional extras - colour coded roof, tilting headlamps, side steps and sunroof (only on a landrover could these be optional extras!) Everything on this van works, as you would expect it is mechanically very sound and has never missed a beat for me, the condition inside and out is superb - this is a corrosion free 12 year old Rand Rover - only possible on a van that has spent its life in a dry garage. It has two seats and a cubbybox in the front and four seats with belts in the back. There is a removable dog guard, Town and Country seat covers, aluminium roof access ladder, snorkel, stainless front grill (I still have the original if you want it) and a decent strong Alko roof rack included in the sale. Everything that came with this landrover when it left the factory is still there - two sets of keys with factory alarm/immobiliser fobs, jack and tool kit.


1998 land rover 90 defender tdi 1

1998 land rover 90 defender tdi 2

1998 land rover 90 defender tdi 3

1998 land rover 90 defender tdi 4

1998 land rover 90 defender tdi interior 1

1998 land rover 90 defender tdi interior 2

1998 land rover 90 defender tdi dashboard

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