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1985 Ford Capri MK3 2.0 Laser
(Featured on 4th December 2013)

Make: Ford
Model: Capri
Year: 1985
Registration: C450 S0Y
Mileage: 4,000

Sellers original description:

A once in a life time opportunity to acquire what is almost certainly the lowest mileage original un-restored 1985 Ford Capri 2.0L Laser available anywhere - worldwide.

Just 4,000 (four thousand) genuine miles from new supported by full dealer service history.

Desirable factory fitted 5 speed gear box.

One owner from new.

Always garaged, scarcely used at all but kept maintained and dealer serviced.

Remarkably rust free retaining all of its originally fitted panels and much of its factory applied paint finish.

Presented in show condition.

Quite simply mind blowing!

Following the runaway success of the Mustang in the early 60’s Ford desperately needed to produce a European equivalent to appeal to the younger customer in the emerging coupe market.

By 1964 Ford styling and design studios in America and Europe were drawing up the first ideas for "Project Colt". By the beginning of 1966 the new car was being shown as full size mockups to "clinics" in London, Cologne, Milan and other European cities. The Colt, owing to copyright issues with by the Japanese Car manufacture, became the Capri and was launched in the U.K to great acclaim in 1969.

‘Ford Capri: the car you always promised yourself’

The mark III first appeared in March 1978 with the ‘S’ range being by far the most popular until it was replaced in June 1984 by The Laser.

Available in 2 engine sizes, 1.6 and 2.0.L the Laser came with tinted windows, body coloured grill, bonnet lip and headlight bezels. The door mirrors were also colour coded, and the driver's side was remote control operated. They also had a rear spoiler, leather gear knob and steering wheel, 4 spoke RS alloy wheels fitted with 185/70 tyres, and a 4 speaker radio system. By the autumn of 1984 the laser was one of only two models of Capri still being produced for the U.K market.

Ford Capri’s are now highly sought after with low mileage original condition examples becoming harder to find and consequently it is these cars that are now the most desirable.

It is almost forty years since the last one left the production line. Time has taken its toll and very few original un-restored examples now remain.

Completely unmolested examples are very rare. One in standard specification, as it was when it left the factory, very rare indeed. To find an un-restored original car though that has had just the one recorded owner - now that would be a tall order. One with all of this and that had covered just four thousand miles from new well that surely would be completely impossible...........
............Wouldn't it?

C450 SOY

On the first of August 1985 the first and only recorded owner of C450 SOY travelled the 5 or so miles from his home to Ford Main Dealers W.Harold Perry Ltd (Perrys) North Finchley, London. The purpose of his visit was collect his brand new Ford Capri 2.0L Laser with 5 speed gear box.

The car had been ordered in early July but the owner, who was retired, had postponed deliver until the new "C" registration was issued on the 1st of August.

From the offset it was never the intention of the owner that C450 SOY would be a car for daily use. He had always been a Ford enthusiast and had always loved the sporting looks of the Capri. Knowing that production of the Capri was soon to come to an end he had decided to buy the car of his dreams, use it very infrequently and cherish it so that not only would it see him through the rest of his driving days but, he reckoned, be a wise investment too. As it turned out of course he was right!

A meticulous man the first owner kept C450 SOY garaged from new. The service book informed him that maintenance should be carried out only by a Ford Dealer so, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions that is exactly what he did.
The first service which was free and normally due after a month or so at around 1,000 miles was not carried out for 10 months and at just 370 miles by the supplying dealer.

The service book shows Ford Dealer stamps confirming the low usage over the following years 884 miles by October 1986, 1,150 by October 87 2,682 by 1992 and so on with further stamps up until 3,695 miles in April 1997.

Shortly after the 1997 service the aging owner now in ill health all but gave up driving and C450 SOY was laid up in the garage.
VOSA records show that the car was MOT'd in 2006 with a mileage of 3.948, 2007 with 3,971 and again in 2008 with 4,001 miles.

According to a letter in the history file from the owner's sister her brother died in March 2009. C450 SOY was driven to her home in Manchester were it was kept garaged prior to disposal on behalf of the owners estate into a private collection. The owner's foresight had proved correct C450 SOY had indeed proved a worthwhile investment and, we would wager, will continue to remain so.

Today the V5C registration document shows just the original owner and previous registered keepers as none. The genuine mileage of this outstanding un-restored example of this iconic Ford which is such a credit to its owner is just 4,560.


C450 SOY retains all of its factory applied panels.

When we acquired it apart from some localised rectification in the distant past no paintwork had been carried out. There were no visible signs of corrosion in fact the whole the car seems remarkably rust free.

However as we often find with cars that have been bought new by retired owners, as they enter old age eye sight and coordination start to fail and no matter how much they cherish their cars scrapes and dings sadly become inevitable. C450 SOY was no exception.

Whereas there was no particular area that had anything more serious than a scrape were maybe the garage door had been clipped or dimple dents caused during storage or in car parks most of the side panels had a blemish of one sort or another.

Our body shop could have kept rectification to localised areas but maybe at the risk of a colour mismatch. It was decided, therefore, to repaint C450 SOY down both sides. Paint to the roof, bonnet and tailgate was left original.

The paint work now looks stunning with the old matching the new and both having a fantastic lustre.

There is the odd blemish on the original paint touched in with a touch up brush and a few dimple dents and light scratches remain.

The front bumper end cap fixing covers missing in the photos will be replaced with new original items before auction end.

The wheels are in outstanding condition and are fitted with Goodyear tyres, three of which would seem to be the fitted factory originals. They show very little signs of wear, after all they have only covered 4,000 miles, and even the side walls don't look to bad at all but do have a little aged cracking. However given how old they are of course you should have them professionally checked before driving at speed or any distance.

Door, boot and bonnet shuts are all excellent.

Bumpers excellent.

Never undersealed the inner wheel arches and the underside, in the main, retain their factory applied finish and colour.

No structural welding has ever been carried out and none is required.


As you would expect with such low mileage the interior is in exemplary original condition and is totally unmolested with original radio and 4 speakers.

The seats are virtually unmarked, the backs look as though they have never been used, and not worn in the usual places.

The carpets are excellent.

The door cards and rest of trim are also in excellent condition.

Standard Ford Radio cassette.

Slide and tilt sunroof which works as it should.

Heater fan works on both speeds.


Exceptionally clean with original stickers.

No sign of rust to the body or inner wings.


Carpet and trim in exceptional condition.

The spare wheel with new tyre.

jack and wheel brace, unused

The metal bungs in the spare wheel well have been replaced with permanently fixed none standard alternatives.

The tail gate stays up even with the, slightly warped, parcel shelf attached.


The car starts on the button with automatic choke.

There are no untoward noises or smoke

There is a 5 speed box and the gears change up and down as they should.

On the road the car drives like a dream, the engine sounds and behaves like a 4,000 mile engine should. This will be as close as you could ever hope to get to driving a New Capri.

New MOT before auction end.


1. V5C (logbook)
2. MOT August 2014
3. Perrys document wallet
4. ford document wallet as supplied with new cars containing Capri operating guide, service book, with 9 Ford dealer stamps, in correct clear plastic wallet, Ford audio guide, Ford Motorists guide, Ford accessories brochure.
5. letter from the owners sister
6. VOSA MOT print out
7. last MOT 2008
8. DVLA paperwork.


It is a safe bet that you will never again get an opportunity to own such an original, extraordinary low mileage, 1 owner Mk III Capri Laser.

This car will be of interest to enthusiasts, collectors and most certainly investors.

It is perfectly useable on a daily basis, should you so desire.

It has huge show winning potential and is a once in a life time investment opportunity.

With just 4,000 in almost 30 years, supported by main dealer history, C450 SOY is a truly remarkable and striking Mk III 2.0 Laser Capri.

It has had the paintwork mentioned as a result of those minor dings and dents on the whole though it is totally original and unmolested.


1985 Ford Capri MK3 2.0 Laser 1

1985 Ford Capri MK3 2.0 Laser Front

1985 Ford Capri MK3 2.0 Laser Side

1985 Ford Capri MK3 2.0 Laser 2

1985 Ford Capri MK3 2.0 Laser Back

1985 Ford Capri MK3 2.0 Laser 3

1985 Ford Capri MK3 2.0 Laser Boot

1985 Ford Capri MK3 2.0 Laser Doors Open

1985 Ford Capri MK3 2.0 Laser Engine Bay

1985 Ford Capri MK3 2.0 Laser Interior 1

1985 Ford Capri MK3 2.0 Laser Interior 2

1985 Ford Capri MK3 2.0 Laser Steering Wheel

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