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1980 Ford Cortina Mk5 1.6 L
(Featured on 29th May 2011)

Make: Ford
Model: Cortina
Year: 1980
Mileage: 30,265
Registration: UGK 290W

Sellers original description:

A truly superb 1980 ford Cortina Mk5 1.6L.

Just 30,265 genuine miles.

2 owners from new, the second inheriting it from her Uncle in 2007.

Always garaged, well maintained, cherished and cared for the car is now presented in exceptional original condition.
The Cortina was the start of a most successful chapter in Ford's history. Launched with the Mk1 in 1962 and named after a district in Italy its design was to become the benchmark for family and business motoring that would last for exactly 20 years.

Cortinas have always had a huge following in the classic and collectors market with each successive model becoming highly sought after as they age and become harder to find.

Recently Mk3 Cortina’s have been very much in demand, however good original, rust free, unmolested examples have always been extremely difficult to find and the smart enthusiasts and collectors with vision are now turning there attentions to the last series produced in the Cortina range the upgraded facelift version of the Mk 4 officially called the Cortina 80 but more commonly known and loved as the Mark 5

Launched in 1976 using the MK3 floor pan but with a squarer all new body design the MK4 and latterly Mk5 were the most popular new car in the United Kingdom throughout their production lives.

Despite this, they are now the rarest of all Cortinas, with unrestored, exceptionally low mileage, original, well cared examples becoming increasingly hard to find. Consequently, these are the examples that are desired most. 

UGK 290W

On sale for the first time since it was new 31 years ago is this Cortina MK5 1.6L finished in the best colour combination, venetian red with red fabric trim.

Supplied new on the 1st August 1980 by Currie Motors Kingston ltd to its first owner, the proprietor of a repair garage in New Kings Road London, who had waited to take delivery so that he would benefit from the new that day ‘W’ registration.

The new car order form is in the history file and shows an extra charge of £29.61 for factory fitted Sports road wheels with correct Ford wheel trims - they remain on the car today as do the Perspex number plates, at a extra cost then of £12.50.

The new owner was in his late fifties and UGK 290W was to be the car to see him through to his retirement and beyond. Consequently it was cosseted, loved, sparingly used, garaged when not in use and was his absoloute pride and joy.

Early maintenance was carried out by the supplying dealer. By the time it was 9 months old it had covered just 3905 miles according to the service book. Later services were carried out by the owners own garage.

The first MOT, present in the history file, dated the 28th July 1983 shows the mileage then at 9,836. Every MOT since the first is also present (10 of them by the same test centre) and they record diminishing annual mileages. Latterly in the years prior to the owner’s death in 2007 the usage had dropped to just a few hundred miles per year.

UGK 290W was inherited by the owners niece in June 2007. She continued to keep the car in much the same way that her late Uncle had, keeping it serviced, maintained and garaged. She has covered less than 2,000 miles since owning it. 

The car remains in outstanding original condition with much of its factory applied paint and panels.


The paintwork retains a fantastic lustre.

The first owner was a trained in paint refinishing and it would appear that he carried out some localised work to correct the odd scrape and graze most likely caused as a result of parking mishaps. We have just corrected a couple more - the entrance to his drive was very narrow and as he got older he just clipped the gate post a few times! We do have pre work pictures - please let us have an email address if you would like them sending.

The underside appears excellent even the suspension components still retain their original grey paint – please let us have an email address for photos of the internal floors.

There is little trace of corrosion on the bodywork or on the underside of the car. A few minor marks and stone chips have been touched in with a touch up brush.

There were repairs made in 2007 to the edges of the outer wings where they bolt to the inner wings under the bonnet. This work is not visible when the bonnet is closed. There is an invoice for £210.00 for welding in the file for this work which was carried out to to a high standard and although visible when the bonnet is open not obviously so. Our body shop has painted both edges from back to front to further disguise the work.

There are a couple of minor kinks to the bumpers.


The exceptional interior of UGK 290W is particularly noteworthy and original. Nothing has been added or taken away. 

Unmarked red fabric covers the seats and there is a matching unmarked carpet and door cards.

There is the original Ford radio.

The brown dash is totally original and unmarked.

The headlining is unmarked.

Under the bonnet:

Exceptionally clean under here.

There are no signs of oil leeks and nothing seems untoward.

Original stickers are all still in place.

Some areas have been touched in with a touch up brush.

In the boot:

The boot is again exceptionally clean with absolutely no traces of corrosion in the usual places such as the spare wheel well. Again please let us have an email address for photos of this area.

Spare sports wheel with original factory fitted tyre, Jack.

The moulded rubber boot floor mat is as new.

On the road:

This is a exceptionally low mileage car that has been well cared for and the minute you turn the key you know it.

It starts on the button with manual choke and there are no untoward noises.

There is no sign of smoke, the engine is responsive.

With a real retro feel this car is an absolute pleasure to drive.

Road tax until the end of July. A full engine service was carried out last month and there will be a new Mot by auction end.


As already stated Cortina’s are a very popular choice of classic/Retro car. They are easy to work on; parts are inexpensive and readily available there are lots of clubs and events, plus Cortina’s always hold their value well.

This is a very special car and should not be compared to the majority of Mk5’s for sale. It is in outstanding condition, is low mileage, and has most of its original paint and panels.

It is such a proper, honest car and what you see is you see is what you get, no nasty surprises here!

It is presented in original show condition and will, if kept this way, almost certainly increase in value over the coming years.


1980 ford cortina mk5 1.6l 1

1980 ford cortina mk5 1.6l 2

1980 ford cortina mk5 1.6l 3

1980 ford cortina mk5 1.6l 4

1980 ford cortina mk5 1.6l 5

1980 ford cortina mk5 1.6l 6

1980 ford cortina mk5 1.6l boot

1980 ford cortina mk5 1.6l engine bay

1980 ford cortina mk5 1.6l interior 1

1980 ford cortina mk5 1.6l interior 2

1980 ford cortina mk5 1.6l interior 3

1980 ford cortina mk5 1.6l dashboard

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