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1992 Ford Fiesta RS Turbo
(Featured on 6th March 2011)

Make: Ford
Model: Fiesta
Year: 1992
Registration: K247 DHK
Mileage: 29,000

Sellers original description:

1992 Fiesta RS Turbo.

One owner.

Just 29,000 miles from new.


Finished in unmarked Radiant red with the classic green body line, All panels are totally original as is the original applied factory paint work including the area's where fiesta's usually go, this stunning original example has been garaged all of its life, and it shows!

Original factory applied dealer option decals to both doors,(love them or hate them?) they were fitted by the original supplying dealer!

The Original dealer number plates including rear widow sticker are still applied, Original date stamped alloy wheel's with original P600 Pirelli factory fitment Tyres..... INC unused spare wheel and tyre!!


The Interior as you would expect is totally unmarked including the drivers seat and carpet, hence its only 29000 miles from new,

The original factory fitment Radio Cassette with code retains in place, Original unmarked two tone steering wheel! Cigar lighter and ash try never used!

The glove box contains all of its original factory supplied wallet and handbooks books as you would expect!!

Under the bonnet:

As you would expect from a one owner car from new its completely original and standard, with no modifications including leads,filters and factory applied stickers from new!

The original wings and slam panel have the original factory date stamps with Pdi marks

The Underside:

Again as you would expect from a one owner, low mileage car its totally untouched and completely original, including all of its original components and factory applied paint work to the underside...seeing is believing!!!

The History File:

This one owner car has impeccable service history, one of the best i have ever seen, probably never will see again!

First service: 29/07/93 @ 5398 miles (Rates Ford Romford)

Second Service: 08/01/96 @ 17241 miles (Rates Ford Romford)

Third Service: 17/10/97 @ 25410 miles (Rates Ford Romford)

Forth Service: 14/08/98 @ >>>> miles (Rates Ford Romford)

Fifth Service: 10/08/99 @ 27612 miles (Rates Ford Romford)

Sixth Service: 14/08/00 @ >>>> miles (Rates Ford Romford)

Seventh Service: 12/09/01 @ 28092 miles (Rates Ford Romford)

Eighth Service: 17/09/03 @ 28227 miles (Rates Ford Romford)

Ninth Service: 13/09/04 @ 28446 miles (Rates Ford Romford) 

Tenth Service: 13/09/05 @ 29122 miles (Rates Ford Romford)

Eleventh Service: 16/10/06 @ 29248 miles (Rates Ford Romford)

Twelfth Service: 23/10/07 @ 29292 miles (Rates Ford Romford)

Thirteenth Service: 23/10/08 @ 29330 miles (Rates Ford Romford) 

Fourteenth Service: 11/11/09 @ 29454 miles (Rates Ford Romford)

Fifteenth Service: 08/11/10 @ 29533 miles (Rates Ford Romford)

Now the MOT's

28/08/97 @ 24630 miles

14/08/98 @ 27182 miles

11/08/99 @ 27612 miles

13/09/01 @ 27967 miles

17/09/02 @ 28092 miles

17/09/03 @ 28227 miles

13/09/04 @ 28446 miles

13/10/05 @ 29122 miles

16/10/06 @ 29248 miles

22/10/07 @ 29292 miles

23/10/08 @ 29330 miles

10/11/09 @ 29454 miles

08/11/10 @ 29533 miles

This is a one off opportunity to acquire a one owner Fiesta RS Turbo with the best service history and the best condition vehicle that's been offered in a very very long time!! And probably will never be repeated!


1992 ford fiesta rs turbo 1

1992 ford fiesta rs turbo 2

1992 ford fiesta rs turbo 3

1992 ford fiesta rs turbo 4

1992 ford fiesta rs turbo boot

1992 ford fiesta rs turbo wheel

1992 ford fiesta rs turbo engine bay

1992 ford fiesta rs turbo interior 1

1992 ford fiesta rs turbo seats

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