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1963 Daimler V8
(Featured on 27th June 2011)

Make: Daimler
Model: 250
Year: 1963
Mileage: 45,000
Registration: 59 FXN

Sellers original description:

Daimler V8.

She is a 1963 with a genuine 45,000 miles, with m.o.ts dating back from new. Fantastic V8 engine that sounds great, with a strong automatic box. Lots and lots of history/paperwork etc. Classic Car Weekly has done a road testing and buying feature a couple of months ago and were very impressed with the car and the low miles,this issue is also now with the paperwork. she is not a restored 100 + 000 miler. she is finished in red,with soft red leather,with red carpets,a sense of real nostalgia,the feeling and smell is fabulous. Everything works as it should and drives superbly. £1000s spent on cooper craft power steering and brakes etc.She has an original and rare and valuable Jaguar number plate, 59 FXN,there is a famous E-Type low drag race car with much success with the number 48 FXN.

The Daimler was metallic grey when new but has been red for a number of years, I was told if the car was the original colour with its mileage and history it would be worth in excess of £20,000+, I am strongly thinking of doing this but do like the colour as is. If it doesn't sell i will have it changed back to grey in the winter and put a set of chrome wire wheels on,and keep her as an investment there would be no way then i would ask less then 20k for her. There are a lot of restored Daimlers and Jaguar mk 2s out there, with rebuilt engines etc probably traveled to the moon and back and cars claiming to be low mileage, (have they got ALL the history to back it up). This car has only done 45,000 miles with m.o.ts from 1967 lots of paperwork and books/handbooks etc, and is nearly 49 years old if you average it out it is less then 918 miles a year.


1963 daimler v8 1

1963 daimler v8 front

1963 daimler v8 2

1963 daimler v8 3

1963 daimler v8 back

1963 daimler v8 4

1963 daimler v8 wheel

1963 daimler v8 interior 1

1963 daimler v8 interior 2

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